Our GamersPin reporting system is located on site.  If you submit enough valid bugs that you run into on our site we will reward you.  If there is an error with no submission form.  Please use our contact us form to provide details on these errors.

Our guidelines

  • Give us enough details to reproduce the vulnerability
  • Allow us a reasonable amount of time to fix the vulnerability before making any info public
  • Avoid data deletion, unauthorized data access, and service disruption while testing the vulnerability you found
  • Don’t ask for compensation for your report

Our commitment

  • Reports – we will let know when we receive errors submitted
  • Time frame as to when the issue will be fixed will be pushed via blog posting
  • We’ll tell you when we’ve fixed the vulnerability.  Issues resolved will go out to all members that have signed up to use GamersPin,  Newsletters.

Thanks Our Helpers

The following researchers have helped us find and fix vulnerabilities. Thanks to all!

  • John Davis Moon
  • Derek Gaines
  • Jack Devarow
  • Donna Hover
  • Kim Gerber